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Chesterfield Badminton League

Mens Division 4

2016 - 2017

Team P W L D Points Rubbers Game Points
New Embers C 10 9 1 0 3738 24 18  
Killamarsh C 10 8 2 0 3839 18 16  
Alfreton C 10 7 3 0 3708 16 14  
Grenhilheg 10 4 6 0 3572 -4 8  
Alfreton D 10 2 8 0 3544 -12 4  
Wirksworth 10 0 10 0 2945 -42 0  
DateHome TeamHome ResultAway TeamAway ResultStatusComment
02/10/2016Alfreton D4Killamarsh C5ConfirmedGreat to be back playing again. Good night of Badminton, thanks Alfreton
03/10/2016New Embers C8Wirksworth 1Confirmed
14/10/2016Grenhilheg4Killamarsh C5ConfirmedVery good night of Badminton. Went to the last game.
25/10/2016Wirksworth 3Alfreton D6ConfirmedA very friendly game and good to see Steve again.
28/10/2016Grenhilheg3Alfreton C6ConfirmedWhat a great night of badminton, only sorry we lost. This could have gone either way the last 2 games playing at the same time went to 3 and we lost 21-19 in both. just look at the points. Well played to all
30/10/2016Alfreton C5Alfreton D4ConfirmedA very close match, well played by all.
03/11/2016New Embers C8Killamarsh C1Confirmed
08/11/2016Wirksworth 1Grenhilheg8ConfirmedThanks for the games Wirksworth, nice group of guys,
10/11/2016Wirksworth 3Alfreton C6Confirmed
11/11/2016Alfreton C6Killamarsh C3Confirmed
11/11/2016Alfreton D4Alfreton C5Confirmed
15/11/2016Wirksworth 4New Embers C5ConfirmedAn enjoyable night of badminton
18/11/2016Grenhilheg7Alfreton D2PendingA good evenings badminton, thanks
28/11/2016Alfreton C7Grenhilheg2Confirmed
01/12/2016Killamarsh C6Wirksworth 3ConfirmedA really good evening of Badminton with some cracking games. Thanks Wirksworth
08/12/2016New Embers C5Alfreton D4PendingBrilliant night of badminton
11/12/2016Alfreton C9Wirksworth 0Confirmed
06/01/2017New Embers C5Alfreton C4ConfirmedClose night of good badminton
08/01/2017Alfreton D5Wirksworth 4Confirmed
15/01/2017Alfreton C3New Embers C6ConfirmedVery enjoyable night. Great hosts
19/01/2017Killamarsh C5Grenhilheg4ConfirmedWhat a great night of Badminton. Very competitive but fun, the match going to the 3rd game of the 9th rubber. Thanks Grenhilheg
27/01/2017Grenhilheg3New Embers C6ConfirmedA good team effort. An competitive night of badminton
08/02/2017Grenhilheg5Wirksworth 4ConfirmedGood close game. well played to all
13/02/2017New Embers C7Grenhilheg2Confirmed
14/02/2017Wirksworth 1Killamarsh C8Confirmed
23/02/2017Killamarsh C7New Embers C2Confirmed
12/03/2017Alfreton D4Grenhilheg5PendingLast match of the season for us, nice to finish on a win, however, a very close game. well played to all.
16/03/2017Killamarsh C7Alfreton C2ConfirmedGreat night of Badminton. Thanks Alfreton
19/03/2017Alfreton D4New Embers C5ConfirmedA really tight match. Well done everyone.
30/03/2017Killamarsh C7Alfreton D2ConfirmedGreat way to finish the season. Some tough games. Thanks Alf D

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