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Chesterfield Badminton League

Mens Division 4

2012 - 2013

Team P W L D Points Rubbers Game Points
Venturers C 12 11 1 0 4568 26 22  
Lammas B 12 9 3 0 4888 44 18  
Darley Dale B 12 8 3 1 4588 31 17  
Newembers B 12 5 7 0 4039 -12 10  
Drone B 12 3 8 1 4101 -22 7  
Alfreton C 12 2 10 0 4362 -35 4  
DateHome TeamHome ResultAway TeamAway ResultStatusComment
28/09/2012Lammas B6Killamarsh B3ConfirmedGreat opening match, some close fought games made for an enthralling couple of hours!
03/10/2012Drone B3Killamarsh B6ConfirmedGreat to get a first win. Home team provided biscuits for our hungry young uns, Thanks Drone
07/10/2012Alfreton C1Lammas B8ConfirmedGreat match, well played everyone!
07/10/2012Venturers C6Darley Dale B3ConfirmedGreat start to the new season
10/10/2012Drone B1Lammas B8ConfirmedGreat game, thanks Drone, looking forward to next match.
14/10/2012Darley Dale B7Alfreton C2ConfirmedFirst win for the newly formed Darley Dale Mens B Team. Good game played by both sides.
14/10/2012Venturers C7Newembers B2ConfirmedGreat match Great spirit
14/10/2012Killamarsh B5Newembers B4Confirmed
18/10/2012Newembers B2Darley Dale B7Confirmed
28/10/2012Venturers C5Lammas B4ConfirmedGreat Match went all the way to the third game of the final rubber thank you Lamas B
04/11/2012Darley Dale B4Venturers C5ConfirmedClose match thank you Darley Dale
11/11/2012Darley Dale B9Killamarsh B0ConfirmedGood Game.
16/11/2012Lammas B7Alfreton C2ConfirmedExcellent match, score doesn't reflect how close the match was! Well played everyone.
19/11/2012Killamarsh B4Venturers C5ConfirmedGreat game, Great experience for two youngsters
22/11/2012Newembers B8Drone B1ConfirmedCloser than the overall score suggests, it will be a long time before Williamson shuts up about beating his old team! Sock and sellotape anyone?
26/11/2012Killamarsh B2Lammas B7ConfirmedFantastic match, much closer than the scoreline suggests! Played in good spirits, with a great atmosphere!
28/11/2012Drone B4Darley Dale B4ConfirmedJudie: Court time ran out, final score short of normal total.
03/12/2012Killamarsh B5Drone B4ConfirmedVery tight evening of Badminton. Some very close hard fought games. I'm sure the games will be as much fun next season
09/12/2012Alfreton C6Killamarsh B3ConfirmedA very friendly team with matches played in a competitive spirit.
09/12/2012Venturers C5Drone B4ConfirmedClose match
14/12/2012Lammas B4Newembers B5Confirmed
19/12/2012Drone B5Alfreton C3ConfirmedJudie: Court time ran out, final score short of normal total.
06/01/2013Alfreton C1Venturers C8Confirmedgreat match played in a friendly spirit
11/01/2013Lammas B7Drone B2ConfirmedGreat Match! Well played Drone.
14/01/2013Newembers B3Venturers C6ConfirmedCompetitive match played in a great spirit
14/01/2013Killamarsh B2Darley Dale B7Pending
30/01/2013Drone B7Newembers B2ConfirmedA good match, competitive and played in good spirits
03/02/2013Venturers C6Killamarsh B3ConfirmedClose match four rubbers went to three Thanks everyone
10/02/2013Alfreton C4Drone B5Confirmed
11/02/2013Newembers B7Killamarsh B2Confirmed
24/02/2013Darley Dale B6Lammas B3ConfirmedGreat match in hot conditions!
24/02/2013Alfreton C3Newembers B6Confirmed
04/03/2013Killamarsh B3Alfreton C6ConfirmedKillamarsh are a fair team to play in a competitive and enjoyable spirit
17/03/2013Darley Dale B8Newembers B1Confirmed
17/03/2013Venturers C6Alfreton C3ConfirmedCompetative match played in great spirit
25/03/2013Newembers B1Lammas B8Confirmed
05/04/2013Lammas B8Darley Dale B1ConfirmedWell Played all! Great match.
14/04/2013Alfreton C3Darley Dale B6ConfirmedThanks for a good match Alfreton.
17/04/2013Drone B4Venturers C5ConfirmedCompetitive match could have gone either way, great spirit Thanks Drone B
18/04/2013Newembers B7Alfreton C2Confirmed
24/04/2013Lammas B6Venturers C3ConfirmedSome fiercly fought games in extremely hot conditions! Well played Venturers, thanks for a great match.
30/04/2013Darley Dale B7Drone B2ConfirmedGood match, Thanks Drone

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