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Chesterfield Badminton League

Mens Division 2

2021 - 2022

Team P W L D Points Rubbers Game Points
New Embers A 12 10 2 0 4828 51 20  
Darley Dale A 12 9 3 0 4476 40 18  
Venturers B 12 9 3 0 4063 22 18  
Mansfield Oaktree B 12 5 7 0 3635 -5 10  
Frederick Gents B 11 4 7 0 3561 -1 8  
Mansfield Outlaws A 11 2 9 0 3292 -47 4  
New Embers B 10 1 9 0 2737 -60 2  
DateHome TeamHome ResultAway TeamAway ResultStatusComment
14/10/2021New Embers A9Mansfield Outlaws A0Confirmed
18/10/2021Venturers B6Frederick Gents B3Confirmed
02/11/2021Mansfield Outlaws A3Frederick Gents B6Confirmed
07/11/2021Darley Dale A9New Embers B0Confirmedgood games played in good spirit even had james cordon turn up
08/11/2021Mansfield Oaktree B5Frederick Gents B4Confirmed
16/11/2021Mansfield Outlaws A5New Embers A4ConfirmedGood Games all round
17/11/2021Mansfield Oaktree B3Venturers B6Confirmed
29/11/2021Frederick Gents B2Venturers B7Confirmed
30/11/2021Mansfield Outlaws A2Darley Dale A7ConfirmedGreat games, theyre a friendly bunch that lammas/outlaws lot are
09/12/2021New Embers B0New Embers A9Confirmed
12/12/2021Venturers B7Mansfield Oaktree B2Confirmed
15/12/2021New Embers B1Frederick Gents B8Pending
16/12/2021New Embers A9New Embers B0Confirmed
16/01/2022Darley Dale A4Venturers B5Confirmed
20/01/2022New Embers A7Venturers B2Confirmed
23/01/2022Darley Dale A9Mansfield Outlaws A0ConfirmedA big thankyou to outlaws for playing this game with so many 1st teamers injured/unavail able
26/01/2022Mansfield Oaktree B3New Embers A6Confirmed
31/01/2022Frederick Gents B9Mansfield Oaktree B0Confirmed
03/02/2022New Embers B5Venturers B4Confirmed
09/02/2022Mansfield Oaktree B6Mansfield Outlaws A3Confirmed
17/02/2022New Embers A6Mansfield Oaktree B2Confirmed
21/02/2022Frederick Gents B4New Embers A5Confirmed
28/02/2022New Embers A5Darley Dale A4ConfirmedGreat games, it was a shame that injury meant the final game had to be conceded when it went to the deciding rubber.
02/03/2022Venturers B7New Embers B2Confirmed
07/03/2022Frederick Gents B7Mansfield Outlaws A2Confirmed
10/03/2022New Embers A6Frederick Gents B3Confirmed
16/03/2022Mansfield Oaktree B4Darley Dale A5Confirmed
17/03/2022Venturers B0New Embers A9Confirmed
24/03/2022New Embers B2Mansfield Oaktree B7Confirmed
27/03/2022Venturers B9Mansfield Outlaws A0Confirmed
03/04/2022Darley Dale A6Mansfield Oaktree B3Confirmed
03/04/2022Darley Dale A9Frederick Gents B0Confirmedunfortunatley fg couldnt make it so had to cancel at short notice then we couldnt find a date that suited. so claimed
13/04/2022Mansfield Oaktree B9New Embers B0Confirmed
19/04/2022Mansfield Outlaws A2Mansfield Oaktree B7Confirmed
26/04/2022Mansfield Outlaws A3Venturers B6Confirmed
05/05/2022New Embers B3Mansfield Outlaws A6Confirmed
05/05/2022Frederick Gents B3Darley Dale A6Confirmed
29/05/2022Darley Dale A5New Embers A4Pendingnew embers turned up with only 2 pairs but then one of our players knee literally fell off, so it was the battle of the first and second pairs, fortunatley for us darley came out on top.
31/05/2022Venturers B6Darley Dale A3Confirmed

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