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Chesterfield Badminton League

Mens Division 2

2017 - 2018

Team P W L D Points Rubbers Game Points
Darley Dale A 12 11 1 0 4636 63 22  
Frederick Gents A 12 8 4 0 4607 34 16  
Killamarsh A 12 8 4 0 4396 32 16  
Lammas A 12 7 5 0 4454 6 14  
Lammas B 12 6 6 0 4187 -5 12  
Alfreton B 12 2 10 0 3791 -52 4  
Venturers C 12 0 12 0 3053 -78 0  
DateHome TeamHome ResultAway TeamAway ResultStatusComment
08/01/2017Killamarsh A6Frederick Gents A3Confirmedexcellent badminton night as usual
25/09/2017Venturers C0Frederick Gents A9ConfirmedGames played in good spirits. Thanks to the home captain for returning shoes that were left behind!
27/09/2017Lammas A6Lammas B3ConfirmedGreat first match of the season. Maximum effort by both teams.
09/10/2017Frederick Gents A4Killamarsh A5Confirmedexcellent badminton as usual,great close games
12/10/2017Lammas A7Venturers C2ConfirmedThanks Venturers, excellent night of badminton
16/10/2017Killamarsh A3Darley Dale A5Confirmed
20/10/2017Lammas B8Venturers C1Confirmed
22/10/2017Alfreton B3Lammas A6ConfirmedHard fought match, well played all!
29/10/2017Alfreton B0Killamarsh A9ConfirmedExcellent,frie ndly badminton played in the right manner.
01/11/2017Lammas B5Lammas A4ConfirmedGreat return leg for Lammas B team!
05/11/2017Darley Dale A4Lammas A5ConfirmedExcellent match.....clos est yet! Well played everyone & thanks Darley Dale for a great night of badminton
05/11/2017Venturers C3Alfreton B6Confirmed
13/11/2017Killamarsh A8Lammas A1ConfirmedExcellent night again
13/11/2017Venturers C1Darley Dale A8Confirmed
16/11/2017Lammas B7Alfreton B2ConfirmedGreat result, well played all!
26/11/2017Darley Dale A6Killamarsh A3Confirmed
27/11/2017Venturers C1Lammas A8Confirmed
03/12/2017Darley Dale A8Lammas B1Confirmed
07/12/2017Lammas A3Frederick Gents A6ConfirmedGood night of badminton
14/12/2017Lammas A5Killamarsh A4ConfirmedClose fought contest!
09/01/2018Alfreton B9Venturers C0Confirmed
18/01/2018Lammas A1Darley Dale A8Confirmed
22/01/2018Frederick Gents A7Lammas B2ConfirmedGames played in great spirit.
28/01/2018Darley Dale A7Frederick Gents A2Confirmed
29/01/2018Killamarsh A7Lammas B2ConfirmedFabulous well fought matches - as usual
04/02/2018Darley Dale A9Venturers C0Confirmed
05/02/2018Frederick Gents A9Alfreton B0Confirmed
08/02/2018Lammas B1Frederick Gents A8Confirmed
18/02/2018Alfreton B1Darley Dale A8Confirmed
25/02/2018Alfreton B1Frederick Gents A8Confirmed
26/02/2018Killamarsh A9Venturers C0ConfirmedGreat night of badminton.
19/03/2018Frederick Gents A6Venturers C3Confirmed
21/03/2018Alfreton B0Lammas B9Confirmed
26/03/2018Frederick Gents A4Darley Dale A5ConfirmedSuper games gents! Great floor btw.
05/04/2018Lammas B0Darley Dale A9ConfirmedGreat games guys. Score leant do you justice. Thanks.
12/04/2018Lammas A7Alfreton B2ConfirmedWell fought contest. Thanks Alfreton for a great night of badminton
16/04/2018Killamarsh A6Alfreton B3Confirmedexcellent evening of matches
19/04/2018Lammas B6Killamarsh A2ConfirmedRan out of result 6 - 2 please amend.
26/04/2018Frederick Gents A5Lammas A4Confirmed
29/04/2018Darley Dale A8Alfreton B1ConfirmedSplendid! Thanks gents
30/04/2018Venturers C2Lammas B7Confirmed
14/05/2018Venturers C2Killamarsh A7Confirmed

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